Red Runner Roaches

Red Runner Roaches

Red Runner Roaches ( Turkistan Roaches )
Shelfordella lateralis ( Blatta lateralis ) 

  • Red Runner Roaches are a fast breeding and easy to keep feeder roach
  • Red Runners can not climb smooth surfaces or fly, but adult males can jump and flutter down to a lower spot
  • Housing Red Runner roaches is very similar to dubia roaches . We keep them on aspen shavings with egg crates stacked vertically
  • All sizes and ages are soft bodied and quite active making them a popular food for bearded dragons, geckos, chams, spiders, mantids and more!
  • This is one of the most popular feeder roaches on the planet, new born nymphs are the size of pinhead crickets and large nymphs are the size of  med-large dubia only with a softer exoskeleton.  

size sold: mixed nymphs (adults included when available) 

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