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X. SOLD OUT X. Red Head Roaches

X. SOLD OUT X. Red Head Roaches

Red Head Roaches
Oxyhaloa deusta

  • A Fantastic little feeder roach that breeds very consistantly 
  • Easy to keep and breed. We culture Red Head Roaches on egg crates stacked vertically
  • New born nymphs hatch out dark in color and the size of fruit flies making them great feeders for spiderlings, mantids, baby chameleons, frogs and other small insectivores
  • Adults of this species have dark wings that appear a deep purple in certain light
  • All life stages of this speices can climb smooth surfaces. We recommend using Climb Stopper to keep them inside enclosures 
  • Red Head Roaches require very little bin space for the amount of roaches being housed and can easily go 7-10 days in between feedings. Some favorite foods are apples, oranges and squash 
  • No shipping to Alaska, Florida, Hawaii or Canada 
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