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Premium Insect Chow

Premium Insect Chow

Premium Roach & Insect Chow

  • High Protein Feed for Roaches & Other Insects 
  • Premium Insect Chow is proprietary blend of naturally based chow that is great for  Roaches, Crickets, Worms and other grain eating insects
  •  This is the chow that we use and trust for all our roaches including many very rare or extinct species
  •   Premium Insect Chow is made fresh weekly with added ingredients such as bee pollen, probiotics, deciduous hardwood leaves & more! This special blend helps aid in the development of the insect body, promote fast growth and continued breeding
  •  This blend is ground to a fine powder for easier eating and is especially appealing to smaller roaches & insects - They will often swarm the chow more than fruits and veggies when offered
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