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Giant Orange Isopods

Giant Orange Isopods

Giant Orange Isopods (AKA Scaber Orange Isopods)
Porcellio scaber 'orange' 

  • Giant Orange Isopods are a very popular small insect feeders, tank cleaners and/or interesting pets!
  • Vibrant orange coloration at all ages makes them stand out in vivariums and bio-active set ups
  • Giant Orange Isopods require a range of humidity from dry to damp. Having these zones in tanks allow the Giant Orange Isopods to go where they are most comfortable
  • Compared to other isopods the Giant Orange Isopods tend to breed a bit slower but colonies can still grow to mega cultures in a short amount of time
  • Giant Orange Isopods are kept in bins with substrate and deciduous hardwood leaves crushed up and mixed into the soil along with a layer of large pieces of deciduous hardwood leaves on top
  • Very low maintenance is required, just spray down with filtered water every 3-4 days and offer fresh potato or carrot along with some fish flakes or other protein source.¬†
  • Adding pieces of cuttlebone around the Giant Orange Isopod tubs will promote faster breeding and healthier isopods¬†
  • Giant Orange Isopods can be kept at room temperature and require no additional heat or lighting
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