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X. SOLD OUT X. Orange Domino Roaches

X. SOLD OUT X. Orange Domino Roaches

Therea regularis or the orange domino roach is a very enjoyable pet roach. T. regularis are a bit smaller than their cousins the domino roach and question mark roach but care is just the same. Orange domino roaches can take a long time to reach adulthood from newborns, but this time can be shorten with an adjusted diet of protein and fruits. Adults are able to climb plastic and glass but tend to just hang out around the enclosure. Nymphs stay buried in the substrate for most of the time, only emerging for food and the occasional spritz of water. Although they prefer a dry bedding, one corner of the tub can be moisten to help with breeding

Size Sold:  nymphs

max adult size: ~1"
live bearing: no
reproduction speed: slow
glass climbing: adults only
flying: no
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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock