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X. SOLD OUT X. Little Kenyan Roaches

X. SOLD OUT X. Little Kenyan Roaches

Little Kenyan Roaches

Blaberidae sp. "Kenya" (likely Paraplecta parva)

  • Little Kenyan Roaches 'Little Kenyans' are the smallest species of roach available on the market right now.
  • Max adult size is just about 1/2" and the nymphs are perfect for fruit fly replacements.
  • Excellent to feed small insectivores such as dart frogs, smaller reptiles, fish, slings and more! 
  • Hassle free maintenance; just a pinch of chow, slice of carrot and a few cubes of water crystals will keep this species happy and breeding  
  • Size Sold: mixed all size in 25 count, 50 count or 100 counts

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