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Ivory Head Roaches

Ivory Head Roaches

Ivory Head Roaches
Eublaberus sp. Ivory / Eublaberus biolleyi

Eublaberus sp. 'Ivory' or the Ivory Head Roach is large rare species that gets larger than dubia roaches in overall length as well as bulkiness. Care for the Ivory Head roaches is very similar to their cousins Orange Heads; but often a lot easier without the wing biting and strong defensive odors. Adult males and females have transparent (almost white!) wings and interesting pronotum markings which helps set them apart from other large feeder species. Nymphs have a dark shiny color with 3 brightly colored spots on either side of their body and are specially equipped for digging deep into substrates.

Size Sold: mixed nymphs 

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