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Golden Hydei Fruit Fly

Golden Hydei Fruit Fly

Golden Hydei 
Drosophila hydei 'Gold'

  • Golden Hydei are the largest size of fruit flies at 1/8"
  • Golden Hydei are a lighter color form of the popular dark colored hydei fruit fly
  • Although Golden Hydei fruit flies have wings they are unable to fly or flutter
  • Cultures should be kept between 70°F - 80°F. Under 70° cultures will start to slow down and not reproduce. Above 80° cultures could develop the ability to fly
  • Cultures are made fresh weekly and the offspring of these cultures can make several new cultures
  • As always, our cultures are mite free but need to be properly maintained to keep them that way
  • Fruit Fly Cultures will begin producing in about 2-3 weeks

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