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Giant Lobster Roaches

Giant Lobster Roaches

Giant Lobster Roaches
Henschoutedenia flexivitta

  • A fast breeding soft-bodied feeder roach reaching sizes over 1.5"¬†
  • Adults resemble the popular Lobster Roach feeders but nymphs have a stunning color scheme¬†
  • When handled adult Giant Lobster Roaches will chirp or squeak similar to Lobster Roaches
  • Giant Lobster Roaches can be kept similar to dubia or on a substrate
  • This species enjoys a higher humidity with good ventilation that can be achieved with regular misting of water or adding extra water crystals to the enclosure
  • All ages can climb. We use and recommend Climb Stopper to keep this species contained¬†
  • Sold as mixed nymphs (3/4" and under)
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