Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We ship Monday – Friday each week.  Orders ship in 2-3 business days, usually soonerLarger orders please allow an extra day or two. Weather and Postal Holidays can also affect these times 

When will my order arrive?

USPS Priority Mail orders arrive 2-5 days after shipping (usually 2-3)
USPS Priority Mail Express orders arrive 1-2 days after shipping (some small towns or rural areas can take 2 days to arrive)
USPS First Class orders arrive 3-6 days after shipping

Will I get a confirmation email and tracking?

Yes, you will receive two emails. One when the order is placed and a second email confirming shipping with tracking information when the order is picked up by the carrier

What is a Hold for Pickup? How do I request this? 

A Hold for Pickup allows the customer to have the package held at the local Post Office inside a climate controlled environment until the box can be picked up. Most DOA's happen while a box sits out in the elements on a cold or hot truck all day for delivery. A Hold for Pickup can be selected while adding a product to the shopping cart, by using the "message / request" text box when ordering or by using the Contact Us page 

What type of packaging is used? 

We ship most orders in a plain brown or white corrugated box. Any insects will be packaged inside of plastic container or cloth bags. They will not be loose in the box when it is opened

Can an order be delivered earlier in the week? How do I request this?

Yes! We offer Priority Mail Shipping on Friday for Monday delivery to customers upon request. Orders generally need to be placed and requested by Thursday 10AM EDT for this service. Requests can be made in the "message / request" text box when ordering or by using the Contact Us page

I live in Florida, can I purchase dubia roaches?

Sorry, due to state laws we cannot sell or ship dubia roaches as well as many other species into Florida

Are there any Florida Legal Roaches?

Yes! We have a large selection of Florida Legal Roaches perfect for feeding reptiles, amphibians, spiders and more!  Click Here to check them out!


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